Fruitful Affliction Week Three {video}

Bottom line, life on planet earth can push us to our emotional and physical limits. Feeling like we can’t control the outcome can hijack all peace and joy if we’re not on-guard. But when life takes us through those “lands of affliction,” we still have a choice.

We can (a) completely freak-out — which is a totally understandable human reaction to unwanted situations and unknown tomorrows, or we can (b) completely freak-out for a second — because we’re still human — but then preach the truth of our sovereign, steadfast God to our hearts and minds, stirring up waves of hope. In Christ, the choice is ours.


fruitful affliction week 3


A number of years ago the sovereignty of God became more to me than some theological phenomenon I read about in seminary books. The sovereignty of God became a solid place of truth upon which to stand when I can’t see what He is doing. I talk a bit about that in this week’s short video teaching for Fruitful Affliction

I pray that these small words in a cutesy video describing such a lofty, powerful aspect of our God stir up endurance and comfort in you today. Our Lord sits on His throne. And He remains perfectly faithful to His children.


Fruitful Affliction Week Three Video.


Fill me, Lord…

How/when has the “sovereignty of God” empowered you to keep walking forward?

Fruitful Affliction Week Two {video}

For those going through my Fruitful Affliction study, below is the teaching video for week two.

For those not going through my study, hopefully you will still be encouraged with this brief teaching on…fear. Yep. Fear.


fruitful affliction week 2


The truth is that as long as we live on planet earth, fears will arise. But if we are in Christ, then fear is not our inheritance. Fear does not have to be our dwelling place. I pray that as we walk through unknowns this week, God would graciously teach us how to take our thoughts captive to truth. He is good. He is faithful. He is actively loving each of His children in the now situations that mark our lives.


Fruitful Affliction Week Two Video Teaching
(Superficial note: I’m not sure why my hair is wonky in that last scene. Call it motherhood.)


Press in and press on, friends.

Fill me, Lord…

For those going through the study, what is God teaching you? I’d love to hear.


Fruitful Affliction Week One {video}

Hi to all of you HelloMornings participants. Hi to my book club participants. And hi to any future readers of Fruitful Affliction who found this post.

This week marks the start of week one for the Spring 2015 book club for my newest Bible study Fruitful Affliction. If you’ve signed up for my book club but have not received any emails from me regarding the book club then that means for some cyber-reason I don’t have you on the list. And that makes me so very sad. You can go here to try again.

I won’t post a bunch of book club details here on the blog — I’ll leave those for the newsletter — but each week I will have a blog post like this one that will serve as the “hub” for discussion. Once you’ve completed that particular week’s lessons, come back over to the blog and share what God is teaching you. I’d absolutely love to hear.

week 1


Also, I will post a short video teaching each week highlighting something that I wanted to emphasize from that particular week’s lessons. In this video I talk about how God is our Defender. I pray it blesses.



I’m honored to walk through God’s Word with you. I pray that His Word serves as an entry way into intimate communing with our good Daddy-God.

Fill me, Lord…

What is one thing that God is teaching you in week one of Fruitful Affliction?