“Then Came Jesus” starts TODAY! (Advent 2015)

If you’re joining me for Advent 2015, then today we start “week one, day one” of Then Came Jesus. Here’s a little video to introduce the study:


If you’re having trouble seeing the video, click here to watch it on Vimeo.


I’m really looking forward to “purposefully remembering” Jesus this month as we head towards Christmas day. Because, y’all, life is loud, especially this time of year. It pulls on us. It demands of us. It throws red and green glittery curve balls that we didn’t expect. But God reigns over it all. And we get to choose to live purposefully. We get to choose to remember and find rest in Him and His promises, regardless of circumstance.

So this week in the study we’ll step back in time to the announcement of the coming Jesus. We’ll think through the perspectives and reactions of those directly affected by the news, specifically Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. And we’ll remember that NOTHING is impossible with our God. Nothing.


then came jesus


Practically, as the host of the study, I plan to post here on my blog on Mondays and Fridays. On Mondays (Lord willing) I will have a short video that sets up the week. And on Fridays I will ask you to share in the comments what God has been speaking to you that week. (Some of you are bloggers and if you want to link up on Fridays to a blog post about the study, that would be great too!)

That said, I’ll be back here on Friday. In the meantime make your way through week one of Then Came Jesus. I’m praying that God surprises us with His awesome, gracious, glorious love this week as we spend time “purposefully remembering” Jesus.

Fill me, Lord…

How do you want your Advent 2015 to look this year?

*right now* God is being faithful

At the beginning of this year I did that thing where you choose a word to define or guide your year. I chose the word “deeper.” Which has been lovely and painful all at the same time. Because to go deeper means more of me has to be shed. And my natural, fleshly side doesn’t really like that. It likes the word “mine” a lot.

The other day I was listening to a sermon or reading a book or something (it all runs together most days) and I realized that, yes, I did and do want to go deeper. But more than that, God wants to cut deeper into my heart. And that’s what He’s been faithfully doing. Thank you, Jesus (mostly).



It’s such a #firstworldproblem but our family is still physically displaced. All of our worldly possessions are packed onto a 48′ trailer while we’ve been living at my mom’s. Bless her heart. After a few delays with the closing of our old house, we’re now looking to close on the 30th. Lord willing. Please, Lord will. And even though on the surface it looks like we’ve been victims of a series of mishaps, God has truly, deeply, pressed it upon me that even this frustrating inconvenience has been ordained by Him. Even this.


“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:29-31


I say it a lot but, our theology is meant to affect our today. It’s meant to affect our responses to life — from the really big, devastating circumstances (which I’ve definitely walked through) to the small seemingly pointless irritations. Because if God is truly sovereign and in control, then we can meet life’s unexpected delays with restful hearts, knowing that even this went through His hands. I just believe that — because He says it in His Word and has proven it in my life. And by the grace of God, that truth affects my day. It marks my heart with peace. Because my God’s a good good Daddy-God. And He’s actively caring for me and my family right now.

The other night I picked up AW Tozer’s The Pursuit of Man from my mom’s bookshelf and something he said from the first chapter struck me. Forgive the length but it’s too good to shorten, “Our trouble is that we think of ourselves as being alone. Let us correct the error by thinking of ourselves as standing by the bank of a full flowing river; then let us think of that river as being none else but God Himself. We glance to our left and see the river coming full-out of our past; we look to the right and see it flowing on into our future. But we see also that it is flowing through our present. And in our today it is the same as it was in our yesterday, not less than, nor different from, but the very same river, one unbroken continuum, undiminished, active and strong as it moves sovereignly on into our tomorrow.”

Right now, no matter what you or I face, whether big and debilitating or small and irritating, God remains undiminished, active and strong as He moves us sovereignly into our tomorrow. That’s meant to affect us. Some days, some seasons, it’s a continual wrestling of the heart back to that place of truth. But it’s truth, none the less. And it’ll lift a discouraged soul.

So that’s me. From the world’s perspective, displaced and inconvenienced. But from an eternal perspective, resting in the sovereign care of my good God — Him cutting more deeply into my heart. Here’s to another week with Him. Press in and on, sweet friends.

Fill me, Lord…

How does that truth of God affect you in your current circumstances?

Also, DON’T FORGET, I’m hosting my Advent study Then Came Jesus here on my blog beginning November 30th, a week from today! CLICK HERE for more information. Are you joining me?


Truths to Remember when Facing Unknowns {Giveaway Winner}

Hi, sweet people. I’m doing a quick, bullet-note-type post today because we’re moving this week and I can barely find my head. Amen. Hallelujah.



First, the winner of the Anchor of Hope giveaway is…dun-dun-dunnnnn… Sarah (aka girlgrowsup…you know who you are). You’re a winner! Today and always. I’ll be in touch via email.

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Just a reminder that I’ll be walking through my 4-week Advent study, Then Came Jesus, here on the blog beginning November 30th. Click here to find out more about, or to order your copy of, the study. I’m really looking forward to a purposeful Advent season again this year.


Truths when unknowns




Our family hit a delay with our house closing (#firstworldproblems) and I thought I would pass along some bullet-point truths that God has been graciously speaking to me. Because we all have stuff going on. And we all need courage for the unknowns.


  • Everything is small to God. Some things feel big to us. Some things are big. And impossible. And unbelievable. And painful. But everything is small to God. He’s the One that spoke worlds into existence out of nothing, people. Nothing. There is nothing big or hard for Him. And if He doesn’t do things in the way or in the timing we expect, it isn’t because He can’t. It’s because He’s actively being good to those who love Him (Romans 8:28), sometimes in ways we cannot even see or comprehend.

  • Problems = Opportunities for God to show Himself mighty. This is something our pastor said a couple of weeks ago. And when our (first world) problem arose, it’s the phrase that came to my mind. “Lord, this is an opportunity for You to show Yourself mighty. I trust You. Give me eyes to see You in these unknowns.”

  • Supernatural faith is different from mental faith. Often times faith begins mentally, especially when faced with challenges or difficulties. We preach truth to ourselves and remind our hearts of God’s character and promises. And that’s an important place to start. It’s a commanded place to begin. But when supernatural faith falls on us as we have leaned into our Daddy God, peace guards our heart. And it’s different from mental faith. It’s deeper. And a gift from Him. Press in, friend. Keep pressing in.


That’s all I got this Monday. Now I need to go find the extra toilet paper. I know I packed it somewhere.

Fill me, Lord…

What’s going on with you? Are you joining me for the Advent study?