Fruitful Affliction Week Six {video}

Well, for those who have been in the book club, it’s the final week in my study Fruitful Affliction. Which is bittersweet to me. Mostly bitter, because I don’t like it when a study ends.


week 6


I pray that God has met with you through His Word as we’ve walked with Joseph these weeks. And I pray that you know that you know that you know that we have a God who is both sovereign and love — a God who sits secure on His throne and is able to grow fruit in our lives even in the most desolate seasons. Only He could do such a thing.

In the final video I talk about the power of Christ in our lives. Yes, we will walk through lands of affliction. We will. Until Jesus comes back, hard things will meet us on this earth. But Jesus! In Christ, we will not be destroyed. We will not be forsaken. We will not be driven to despair.


Fruitful Affliction Week Six


I pray that the hope of Christ would seep down deep into your bones today. He’s being good and faithful right now, right where you stand, no matter the land of affliction. Press in and press on, my friends.

Fill me, Lord…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the study. What one thing do you want to remember?


Fruitful Affliction Week 5 Video (PLUS Giveaway Winners!)

Without further (any) ado, here are the winners for my 40th birthday giveaways:

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Winners were electronically, randomly selected and will be contacted within 24 hours via email.

Congratulations to each of you. And THANK YOU Barn Again Design, Hey Emily Thomas, and Bethany House for your donations. I pray God’s blessing, wisdom, and guidance over your businesses.


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Now for week five of Fruitful Affliction.


Fruitful Affliction Week 5


In this week’s video I talk about freedom and the time I turned 40 last week and jumped from a plane.

Since the beginning of this year, God has been speaking the word “freedom” to me. He has been leading me into places of greater daily freedom — freedom from fears and insecurities. And in the pondering of freedom, I’ve asked myself, “What binds up my heart?” What or whom, other than Jesus, do I depend upon for life or joy or peace? Because when we start clinging to anything lesser than Jesus for life, we’re in bondage. We’ve forfeited freedom. And I. don’t. want. that.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1a) Jesus died and rose to give us freedom. And the freedom He offers is complete and glorious. I pray we “enter in” this week.


Fruitful Affliction Week 5 Teaching Video
(and no, the moment recorded at 9:12 was not planned. Listen closely. You’re welcome.)


Fill me, Lord…

What would it look like if freedom was fully realized in your life?

I’m celebrating the big 4-0 by giving YOU gifts

It’s my birthday today, people. And this one’s a doozy. The big 4-0. I can’t believe it. I mean. I still feel like I’m fresh out of college…until I get into my jammin’ mini-van with my three kids.

Anyway, I’m (mostly) embracing the age-change and have decided to give YOU stuff to celebrate. GOOD stuff. I kinda feel like Oprah. Here we go…


birthday giveaway


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barn again logo


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Meet Emily (awesome-sauce) Thomas. That’s not her official middle name but it should be. Because I like her that much. Here’s a little of what she says about herself on her website, “I am a teacher who became an RN who now stays at home with my kids and makes art in my laundry room. Weird, huh? I am blessed to share a house with a remarkable group of humans. None of us are biologically related, but we are most assuredly a family.” She’s got a beautiful story and makes inspiring works of art that you need to own. Need.

For my birthday she’s giving away this beautiful canvas which says, “His love for you is deeper than the ocean. Eph 3:18″ Seriously. You want this.


hey emily thomas canvas


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emily thomas collage


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A few weeks ago Bethany House gave me a sneak peek at Susie Larson’s newest book Your Sacred Yes: Trading Life-Draining Obligation for Freedom, Passion & Joy. And wow. This book addresses a HUGE issue that touches all of our lives to some degree: guarding our time for what God has for our minutes!


Your Sacred Yes


Bottom line. God gives us enough time to do all the things HE has for us to do in our day. The problem is we try to squish a bunch of other things into our day out of obligation or fear or in efforts to gain approval. And it always leaves us stressed, worn-out, and missing the beauty of the moments.

Susie Larson says, “When we run ourselves ragged doing too many things (most of which God never asked us to do), we leave unattended the sacred areas of our lives (e.g., intimacy with God, rich relationships with others, physical and spiritual health).” (page 22) Is that not the truth?! Susie inspires the reader to evaluate where and how we spend our time, encouraging us to reclaim God’s plan for our days.

This book is a breath of fresh air in a world that demands so much from us. It would be a great summer study to do with some friends as it comes with reflection questions and an optional DVD study companion that includes 6 teaching-sessions by Susie. And guess what? FIVE of you will get a paperback copy of the book! Thank you, Bethany House!


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Barn Again Design Co.: 20% discount by mentioning my blog when you order. Furniture pieces only available for deliver in North Carolina and Virginia. Everything else available to ship in the continental USA.

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