for when we need a good dose of Jesus’ power

Well hello! I’ve been quiet around here (which seems to be how I start every post these days). But it’s because I’ve been focusing my writing time on a new 4-week Bible study I will be releasing in a couple of weeks. Woo-hoo! I’m really excited about it. I’ve had some sweet times with the Lord through this writing process. And your prayers are much appreciated as finish up.

In other news, I just completed Beth Moore’s newest study “Children of the Day.” I hadn’t done one of her studies in years but it was so good. God used it to meet with me in intimate ways. And as I finished its last page and closed the back cover I sat with the Lord, savoring the moment.


Jesus power


I had lots of take-aways from the study, but one verse in particular from 2 Thessalonians keeps swirling around in my mind, meeting me in my days.

I think it has stuck with me because this world is so broken. I have a friend walking through an excruciating battle with cancer. I turn on the news and see political…madness. I click on a link to the Kibera slums in Kenya and my mind can’t process the poverty. Relationships become entangled with sin and hurt. This world is devastatingly broken. And I stand forever in need of a good dose of Jesus.

Which is where the verse comes in.

“And then the lawless one will be revealed,
whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth
and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming.”

2 Thessalonians 2:8

Yes, our world is whack. Yes, the enemy moves about here causing turmoil. Yes, the antichrist will come and pour out pure evil. Yes, slums exist. Yes, relationships suffer. Yes, sickness dwells here.

But Jesus. Jesus.

My Jesus sits on the throne. He intercedes for me and for you. He fights for us. He defeated sin for us. He brought peace between us and the Father. He carries us through this meantime. And one day, He will come again. And He, by the breath of His mouth, will bring to nothing every evil thing. He is the hero.

I need to remember that. And maybe you do to. Life on planet earth will happen today. But this is not our home. In Christ, we’re just sojourners here, heading to our rightful place. I pray for you as I pray for myself, that He empowers us to set our minds on eternal things when the temporary stuff invades. Happy blessed Monday, sweet friend.

Fill me, Lord…

What has God been showing you lately?

Dear Social Media, I like you but I can’t keep up with you

I can’t keep up with the online world. It moves too fast. And that rushed, hurried vibe I get when I try isn’t my favorite. So it appears I have slowly dwindled off the social media grid. I’m not anti-social media. I actually really like it. I just can’t keep up with it.


dear social media


The other day I was thinking about Jesus. Always a good idea. And I was thinking about how He had 12 close friends. Twelve men that He did life beside. Twelve men that He poured into on deep levels. Yes, He ministered to, healed, taught, and perfectly loved thousands. He’s Jesus. But His day-in-day-out, time-invested relationships while He walked on this earth were with 12 men. And that thought caused me to breathe in relief.

Because twelve I can pour into. Twelve I can pray for on intimate levels. Twelve I can share my heart and struggles with. Twelve I can know.


“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you…” ~Jesus
John 14:27a


There’s this pulse of anxiety that I feel when I try to keep up with the constant streams of information. And maybe it’s because we’re not designed to keep up with the constant streams. Maybe God actually designed us for intimate, deep relationships with…twelve. Imagine that.

I still like social media. Instagram is my online BFF. I still like it, but for sanity sake, I have to reject the idea that I can keep up with it. And maybe — radical thought — we’re not supposed to.

Fill me, Lord…

How do you guard your heart against the rushed, ever-moving, continuum of social media?

GIVEAWAY hosted by Work of Worth {don’t miss this}

It’s that time of the year…if you’re a planner. Me? I usually do the thing where I’m frantically shopping two weeks before Christmas trying to find the perfect gift. And it often flops. Or if it doesn’t flop it’s highly and terribly stressful…and people are pushing and grabbing. Namely me. So, this is where I get to swoop in with an imaginary cape and save the day for all of us.


work of worth


Long story short, a friend of mine, Kristi Griem, is now the COO of an amazing organization called Work of Worth (WoW). Basically, Work of Worth is an import and distribution company, “empowering ethically-motivated, indigenous entrepreneurs by connecting their business to the global market.” In layman’s terms, Work of Worth tells us about things we can buy so that we’re actually making a difference in the world by helping to free oppressed families, in Jesus name.

Kristi contacted me a few months back asking if I’d consider being a voice for WoW by curating a collection of their products. And because I adore Kristi and love her heart for the world, I was honored.

So here’s my curated collection. And for the record, using the word “curated” makes me feel very professional.


work of worth collection


Bottom line, you and I are going to buy more stuff in coming months. And we could actually buy stuff that makes a difference — items that bring literal freedom to oppressed families all over the world.


“We want to value their work so that they may create a more valuable future for their families and future generations.” ~ Work of Worth


Awesomely, Kristi and Work of Worth has generously offered to giveaway one of the Rings of Hope bracelets to one of my readers. And I’ve decided to follow their lead and also giveaway one of their Sari Infinity Scarves. TWO giveaways! Fun times.

To enter simply hop over to their website and then come back here and comment below telling me two of your favorite items from their shop. (Then maybe consider buying one of your favorites for your sister or mom or grandma or friend or neighbor or kids’ teachers or cousin or dogwalker or coworker or me.)

So there you have it. Wise choices for this coming Christmas season and TWO giveaways. I know. I said the “C” word in October. Please forgive me.


Enter the Giveaway:

1. Click here to visit Work of Worth’s website.
2. Come back here and comment below telling me two of your favorite items from their shop. One comment per person please.

One commenter will be randomly selected to win a Rings of Hope bracelet. Another will be randomly selected to win a Sari Infinity Scarf.

Deadline for entry is Sunday, October 5th. Two winners will be announced on Monday, October 6th.

UPDATE: Winners are Sharon for the Rings of Hope bracelet and Sarah for the scarf! Yay! I will be emailing you today for more information.


Many thanks to and prayers for Kristi and Work of Worth for their obedience to God’s call in this amazing ministry. They are seeing captives be set free.