because the milk will probably spill

Yes. The milk will spill. And it will probably be chocolate. And it will probably spill on the floor you just mopped for the first time all month.

Not only that, the kids will run through the house with muddy boots. The dog will eat your still-warm, from-scratch cookies off the counter. The toilet will overflow because someone tried to flush a Lego creation. And the computer will crash just before you save that 800-word blog post — the one in which you poured out your heart with deep vulnerability.

I’m just here to encourage you.


The milk will probably spill.


Seriously, though. These are the things that can get to me. In fact, it’s often the little daily annoyances that bring out the me that I can’t stand. The one that I hope no one else sees or hears or remembers. Because she can be jacked. up…

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Fill me, Lord…

What do you do to keep perspective when those daily annoyances arise?

the good, the bad, and the ugly {desperate for grace}

I’ve known the call on my life for about eleven years: declare on the rooftops what He speaks in the closet. God told me that after He redeemed me from some deep mess back in 1999. Ever since, I’ve been compelled to be real and raw about my own faith, love-walk with Jesus — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When He led me to start blogging a few years ago, I knew that it was an extension of that call. That this would be a platform He would graciously use for me to spill out all He teaches in my own little life — trusting that He would take these human words and by His grace anoint them to touch a heart or two.

I’m not one for putting on some “religious show” — we’ve seen enough of that. I’m not into fake religiosity — which is good because neither was Jesus. I truly want to be an authentic (though highly imperfect) reflection of my Lord, which is partly why I needed to take that blogging break.


Enough, my child.


One of the things I often say is “if what I say (and write and tweet) doesn’t first transform the moments of my own life then I’m missing the point.” And the truth is, for a few weeks I headed down a very selfish road, hurting some people He’s commissioned me to love. But God.

But. God. He stopped me. To be honest, He sold me out. He said, “Enough, daughter. That’s enough.” And then He peeled me off the ground. It hasn’t been easy. In fact it’s been downright excruciating to see some of the unsettled places of my heart. But He allowed all of it for a thousand different reasons. And for that, I’m thankful.

Where does that leave me today? A little scarred. A little bruised and heart-sore. A lot humbled. But passionately reveling in the great grace of our merciful Lord. And desperate that He alone gets the glory. I’m absolutely nothing without Him.

So it’s good to be back. And don’t go too far. By His grace, I’ve got lots to say.

Fill me, Lord…

Tell me about a time when His grace totally overwhelmed you.

say it with me…

I had one of those mornings this weekend when God overwhelmed me with Himself and I have no choice but to spill it out with words. You ready?

It’s. not. about. me! I know. Revelation.

I’ve felt distracted lately with this book release and wondering if people will like it or like me or crucify me with rejection. Me. Me. Me. I’m sick of me!

Which is good. Because IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. Or you! Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s all about HIM!


It's not about me.


This world deceives us. There’s an underlying mantra whispered around every stinkin’ corner, “It’s all about you. It’s all about you.” It’s all about how many likes you get and how many subscribers you have and how many people buy your book or laugh at your witty little jokes.

*deep breath*

I needed a jolt. Again.

This life, it’s not about you or me. It’s all about Him. It’s all about this God who radically loves us and made a way for His enemies to be forgiven and set free. It’s all about us reflecting and declaring that truth to the ends of the world. It’s all about Him increasing and us decreasing. That’s the point.


“He must increase, but I must decrease.”
John 3:30


So I had a little church in my living room this weekend, pointing to Him. Telling Him to use me as He wills. Hoping He allows me to write slam poetry and maybe rap one day…for His glory of course. I’m half-joking. Half.

He’s so patient with us. He’s so gracious to lift the fog.

Fill me, Lord…

How have you been tempted to think it’s all about you lately?
How do you remind yourself that it’s all about Him?