It’s all about me. {Sorta.}

“It’s all about me.”



A dear friend and I were talking on the phone this week. Which entails me closing myself into a quiet space until my little ones bang on the door and find me. At which time I mouth to them in my silent-yelling-voice, “I’m on the phone. Give me just a minute.” You can imagine.

So with kids stirring in the background, my friend and I decided that yes, it’s all about me. And her. And you. Sorta.

We lamented the fact that just when we’re prone to think that something is about someone else’s transformation and someone else’s refining, God reminds that I too am always, always, always in process. He tenderly holds up a mirror and reveals that log sticking out of my eye. And then I pout a little and scrape myself off the floor from the blow to my pride. Always pride.

And though the refining hurts at times, because purging me of me stings, He only does it because He loves. He knows what’s best. And He knows when I’m entangled.


kitten play
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(I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of a cat on my blog. It feels a little wrong.)


Like every day as a mom, for example. It’s tempting to think that mommyhood is one-directional. Me training them. Me always training them in His ways. But the further I get in parenthood, the more I realize that it’s just as much about my transformation as it is theirs. Me learning to love and forgive and trust…and die to self.

Or hypothetically speaking, if my man and I had a “discussion” the other night in which I was prepared to detail the ways he needed to change — hypothetically — only to end up broken over my own selfish pride. Yep. Scraping myself off the floor. Humbled.


Keep your heart with all vigilance,
for from it flow the springs of life.
Proverbs 4:23


God’s always teaching and training my wayward heart. So instead of poking the one beside us during the sermon as if to ask, “Did you hear that? God’s talking to you.” Maybe we could remember that He’s always working on us.

So in some ways, yes, it’s all about me. And you. Because He continually transforms us that we would more clearly reflect Him — the only One worthy of glory.


I’m also hanging out today at Inspired To Action talking about the five heart guidelines I try to teach my kids. It’s a short list because I can barely remember what day it is much less a long list of “shalt nots.” But, consider what I said above, this list is as much for me as it is them. Click here to read.


Fill me, Lord…

What is He teaching you these days?

  • Most days, I realize it is really MORE about the training of me than the training of them. I am so in process!!! Who knew motherhood would be the hammer and chiseling place in my life!

    • Seriously. “More.” I am right there with you, friend. Always in process. Xoxo (miss you!)

  • I love the cat photo. In fact, I think that is the only way I like cats. 🙂 Seriously though, great reminder. There is ALWAYS something to learn.

  • Davina

    Lara, I’m right there with you…always thinking that I’m here to train my kids to love Jesus and find out that the words I say to them are really for me.

  • One of my sister’s in law told me once that she believes that God gives us the exact children, in number and personalities, to work in our lives His purpose and sanctification, to complete His work in us. She laughingly said that God had/has a lot of work to do in her, because she had six kids! I did not realize all my faults, weaknesses and sin until I started to have children! And that unveiling never ends! Perfectionism, control; these are sins that I didn’t realize existed in me until I had babies. Motherhood is a humbling experience! But more wonderful than can be described! I thank God every day for my children.

    • I love your comment, Tina. So much truth. I’m right there with you, “I didn’t realize all my faults…until I started to have children.” Serious sanctification going on.

  • Very true. I do believe that God puts us in relationships with other so that he can grow us. So that he can draw us closer to Him. My kids and my husband are my biggest teachers.

  • Wonderful word, Lara! I agree that it is challenging to find that balance of me-them in family, marriage, parenting, ministry, the works.

    But God gives us our life events to change others– but also to be transformed in Him. Thank you for this reminder 🙂 Blessings!