the {continued} battle for this thought-life

I’m convinced that this battle for the mind won’t quit until this body does. Or until Jesus comes back, whichever happens first. If we don’t remain intentional in the moments, then we will believe a lie and wallow in discontentment.

I was blatantly reminded of the battle last weekend. I had to drive my man’s truck to take my daughter to a birthday party. Seemingly benign, right? But as I pulled up, I had a flashback to high school.

I remembered having to occasionally drive my dad’s big, orange, 1970’s truck into the school parking lot. And all of a sudden, I was seventeen and insecure again.

My husband’s truck isn’t big and orange. It isn’t from the 1970’s. But driving his low-rumbling Ford with the cracked windshield sometimes causes my flesh to rise up. It’s embarrassing to admit.

I’m the one who’s had to walk a journey to thankfulness, laying down material wants and learning contentment with where God has us. My man, on the other hand, doesn’t have a pretentious bone in his body. I love that about him.

But there in that parking lot for a seven-year-old’s birthday party, I was tempted with “seventeen and insecure.”

While in these fleshly bodies, dishonorable thoughts will come
but He’s given us the Sword of His Word to engage the battle. Truth dispels the lies.

Ridiculous thoughts about my worth surfaced. And in that moment I had choice. I could go down the thought trail, believing the lies that defined my worth based upon external possessions. Or, I could choose to meditate on the true things.

I sat in the truck for a minute and acknowledged the feeling. Yep, there’s that old feeling, Lord. And it’s ridiculous.

Then I confessed and chose to think on what He says. Those thoughts are not from You. My worth isn’t tied to what I drive. It’s not defined by what I own. My worth is found in You. And You call me by name.

As I chose to think on true things, eventually the feeling waned, just like He promises. But it reminded me. While in these fallen earthsuits, taking thoughts captive to truth will remain a continual choosing. A continual choosing.

Let’s ask Him today for His vision, that we may see when a thought will only pull us away. Then let’s take those thoughts captive by replacing them with true things. Peace and freedom will flow.

Fill me, Lord…

What ridiculous thoughts have tempted you lately?
How can we actively, practically engage the battle for our thought-lives?

  • Anonymous

    Oh Lara. This concept of taking thoughts captive has single handedly opened my eyes to the way I open the door right up to the enemy. We will not arrive. This will be a constant deliberate battle on oUr part.

    Thank you for bringing this topic up again. It must be kept in the forefront for our spiritual and emotional health!!

    • I completely agree, Kristi. Deliberate. Constant. Praying for you and with you today, sister-friend.

  • Oh, my. This was a timely post for me today. I’d forgotten about your series on taking our thoughts captive, and I think I might have to go back and reread it. I have been fighting such a battle with my thoughts lately, allowing myself not only to dwell on lies, but to think things that are downright sinful and harmful to my marriage. Thank you for this reminder to replace those thoughts with truths and to continually take them to the Lord. He has been faithful to provide strength when I needed it most, but it’s been a rough road getting to this point of daily, hourly, minutely (is that a word?) taking my thoughts before Him.

    • Yes, here “minutely” is totally a word. I completely get that. And I know the battles of the mind with regard to marriage. It has to be a choosing, otherwise we do think “downright sinful and harmful” thoughts. Thank you for sharing so honestly. You are not alone. Running this race beside you.

  • Such a great post. I love how God brings things into our lives at the right time. God is digging deep in my heart and bringing out some lies that have been buried deep. In working through these I need to bring them to him each time they come up and acknowledge the lies are there and replace them with truth in order to more forward and heal.

    It is so easy to just swap at the lies, try to bury them again, but unless they are brought into the light they are not ‘taken captive to truth’ and continue to rise up in our lives – or worse – bury deep in our heart.

    Bek xx

    • So true, Bek. I’ve buried many in my life. But only when I replace them does true peace arise. Blessings to you in the battle, sister-friend. Through His strength alone.

  • Aubrey Barela

    I’ve read bits and pieces of this series and it challenges me so much in the little I’ve read. Honestly I have shyed away from completely diving in because I think it would completely take me out! In a good but hard way? You know? I was having a coffee date for the first time last night with a new friend and I thought waaayy too long about my outfit. Ridiculous. My insecurities of wanting to be liked and known have nothing to do with what jeans I wear but last night I was pretty certain it did:) I appreciate this series and I’m compelled to go deeper. Thanks.

    • Aubrey, thanks for sharing. I totally know what you mean. Even about the jeans. Ugh. It is overwhelming to truly see our thought-life. And sickening. And frustrating. And it is not easy to fight the battle. It takes continual engaging. And that can be draining. Praying He empowers you as you go deeper in the battle. He desires we live free. xoxo

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