a two-word commission for 2012

I’ve prayed about what I could possibly say to inspire us into 2012 with passion for the Lord and faith that moves mountains. But part of me sighs because I know what will happen. We get all fired up for this fresh start and then two weeks later we’re acting like that 2011 version of ourselves. (Sorry to be the downer.)

So if anything I would encourage you with what I’m preaching to my own soul. A two-word commission for 2012…


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Abide Today.

All we have is today. This day. Whether it’s January 2nd, 28th, or June 14th. So wherever today takes us let’s press into Him. Let’s start our day with Him. Let’s meditate on His Word. Let’s love those around us free from any expectation of that love being returned.

It is 2012. A new year. A fresh start. But each day meets us with His new mercies. Each day. This day.

I pray He lavishes blessings on you this year, friends. I pray that He pulls each of us into a deeper intimacy with Him, that He sheds needful things, and that He opens our eyes to His never-changing Truth.

Fill me, Lord…

What are you hoping for with this new year?



  • thanks for sharing that! God bless you as you Abide!

  • Jenn Craver

    Thank you Lara. I love your ministry and your heart. You are such an encouragement. I wish you and your family a wonderful 2012.


    • Thanks, Jenn. I pray His uncontainable blessings to fill you so full this coming year.

  • Mmm…I’m shouting AMEN over here! I’m focusing on “redeem” – a reminder of who I am…a redeemed one and a call to action to “redeem the time” He has given to me.

    I think you’re plenty funny the way you are, sweet friend! LOL!

    • Ha. Thanks, Alle. And I love the “redeemed” focus. I know you will be blessed as you think on that these coming months.

  • Yep Yep! You said it. All we have is today. Living in his presence…abiding. Here’s to a coming to life. Thank you for such frank reminding. Blessings!

  • Audry Cece

    Beautiful website and beautiful post! I’m going to ‘abide today’ as well:)

  • Beautiful commission.

    I totally relate to your post. Puttering out on New Year’s resolutions became old for me long ago. That’s when I started to live intentionally, all year long instead. It has made such a difference, to set aside time to reflect, pray, and plan, and then to have regular check in times through the year with the Lord. Truly, it is the way I live out the commission you offer, to abide today.



  • MomOfFour

    Thank You. That was just the message I needed – a message for just one day, today…and hopefully a whole new year of todays to abide in.

  • Love those two words. We pick a ‘word’ at our house for every day. But when I noticed that a lot of people were choosing words for the year, I thought about what mine would be. Problem is, mine felt like a phrase…’be with Him’. Someone commented to me I should change it to abide, but it didn’t fit right with me. And then I read an email that said ‘Emmanuel, God ‘with’ us’. Perfect. Exactly how I was feeling. I want to just be ‘with’ Him all this year. Thanks for your post/vlog!

  • Laura

    I love two-word commission:). I want to look at each day as a fresh start…like that feeling you get when a new year starts:). Working on that….little by little with God’s grace.

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