remaining fluid when I crave predictability

By nature I’m pretty rigid. For goodness sake, I used to alternate my dishes by color behind closed cabinet doors. But over these last seven years God has graciously been breaking me of…me.

He has taught me that if I live in the land of predictability, trying to force life into my own little convenient-box, I will miss many of His blessings along the way.

He reminded me again last week.

A little Yorkie dog showed up in our yard and…well…he needed me. He was half blind so he stumbled, plus his fur was matted. So with my three kids following behind me, asking over and over, “Can we keep him? Can we keep him?” I picked him up and knocked on some neighbors’ doors. But we couldn’t find the owner.

So in spite of my unlove for dog hair on the furniture or poop on my carpet, I welcomed him into our home — bath and all. (Though in the back of my mind I kept remembering God’s last word to me about a pet — “beware of dogs.”)

I clearly gave the disclaimer to all my little people who were now debating on a name, “We are simply helping pawpaw doggie find his parents.” Though part of me hoped we wouldn’t find his parents because of his Yorkie cuteness.

We put up signs in the neighborhood and took him by the shelter for a microchip scan, but four days passed and nothing. Then finally, on day five, the owners called. (Which was good because dog poop and dog blindness are not a great match.)

But the experience reminded me. Sometimes life isn’t convenient. It’s messy and stinky and unpredictable. But if we don’t remain fluid, we may miss some blessings. We may miss that glimmer in our daughter’s eyes or how our son talks sweetly to a dog when no one else is looking.

Life’s too short to miss those things.

Fill me, Lord…

How do you remain “fluid” in day-to-day living?

  • Yes! True love is difficult sometimes, inconvenient and a sacrifice. SO happy the little fella found his family and that you held on until the almost impossible happened!

    • I like how you related it to “true love.” Yes. Jesus set the example. Love is sacrificial. xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lara! I too crave rOutine and predictability- something I find inconsistent with 3 toddler boys. I see that fluidity must be part of my routine t

    • God has absolutely used my kids to make me fluid. Otherwise I would go crazy because there’s too much whiny and too many spills to be “convenient.” xoxo

  • I’m sure the owners appreciated you guys taking care & loving on him…so sweet! I smiled when I read the part about “son talks sweetly to a dog when no one else is looking”. My son does that. Had I not “gotten my act together”, I would have missed out on these God Shots.

    • It’s fun to watch them when no one is looking — especially when they have conversations. Blessings.

  • Today, I feel just like that Yorkie – half blind and in need of a little TLC. So glad I stopped by here and was fed by your sweet words.

  • I like a routine in my life. It’s very hard for me when things get out of order in my life. Looks like I need to let go and let God!


    • It is difficult to let go. I have to make the conscious choice, especially when life gets messy. (literally) But it is freeing. Blessings, friend.

  • Joyce Wheeler

    For too long I would get upset when life reared its ugly head and messed up my plans, yes I said my plans. I would get very upset about these interruptions that ruined my plans. Than I realized, I gave my life to Christ, my life is no longer mine. While I am not happy about the interruptions I handle them with a lot more peace realizing that I’m in good hands.

  • I am forced to be fluid when I crave predictability. Seriously. And I want to measure my days against my to do list. I hate that, because days are so much more than completed (or not completed) to do lists.

    They are bigger than what [messes] are seen with our eyes. Those messes represent a life created. Such a helpful (and needed reminder) for me. *Thank you* Lara. You bless, friend!

  • “breaking me of…me” This is what I have been going through and am realizing that however painful it may be it is because of His grace. Thanks for this!

  • Jolene

    darn it Lara. I just love you sister…we are kindred spirits with that rigidity and I am grateful to praise God for doing a gracious work in me too. We could sip some java and laugh about the madness He has brought us from…thank you Jesus. You bless me richly girl…richly. Thank you for what you do to get your bloggin’ in.